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Модуль: Record feature

This module started from the idea to be able to 'record' a feature. Well, not the entire feature of course, but parts of it that are hard to backtrack when you started creating the feature. Even more specific: the strongarm part of a feature. If you want your feature to be truly 'activate module and go'-style, strongarm is simply unmissable.
What variable was changed during the creation of a feature is really hard to track. You'd have to inspect all the form elements to see how the variable could be named. Could be, meaning that you do not get the correct variable name by just inspecting form elements. Multiple elements could be stored in one variable etc.

Currently this module is in early alpha (and far from functional or release ready) and will only track changes to the variables table. Planned is also tracking of permission changes.

I'll work on this in the little spare time that I have, so progress won't be lightning fast... At all ;-)

Dependencies Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsCCK reference filterBy RdeBoer on the 12th of September, 2010

The modules contained in this package enhance the user experience and ensure data integrity when using the CCK submodules Node Reference and/or User Reference.
When linking a node to one or more nodes or users, Node Reference Filter and User Reference Filter limit the nodes or user names available to select from to those that haven't been referenced yet from any other node.

Some example scenarios with one-to-one and one-to-many relationships whereby the referenced nodes or users may be pointed to from one originating node only are:
o a site with nodes of type meeting, each of which reference one agenda and one meeting minutes node; both agenda and minutes belong to that meeting only
o a site for the bridge card game where the site's registered users are the players; the players form teams (nodes) of two and each player can be in on team only
o a CMS containing a directory of companies and organisations, each referencing a contact person that is a registered user on the site; the user may only be a contact for at most one company or organisationo a repository of financial reports whereby each company's financal annual report (node) references up to 12 monthly report nodes belonging to that company only

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsJob SchedulerBy alex_b on the 12th of September, 2010

Simple API for scheduling tasks once at a predetermined time or periodically at a fixed interval.


Add a job:

Execute a job on callback:

Remove a job:

Drupal Queue integration

If Drupal Queue is installed, tasks are dispatched to the queue rather than executed. Hence worker callbacks need to be declared to DrupalQueue via hook_cron_queue_info().


See Feeds issue: #908964: Break out job scheduler.


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