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Модуль: Meetup API

NOTE: This module is intended for developers who know how to write PHP code.

I am not aware of any modules that actually implement this yet, but if you create one, let me know, and I will add it to this page!

The Meetup API module provides an easy-to-use Drupal wrapper for the PHP Meetup API Client. See the README.txt file for more information.


Stable versions of:

Libraries API cURL PHP Meetup API Client (see README.txt) Support

Please use the issue queue for support and check if your issue is there prior to posting a new one.


This module was sponsored by WizOne Solutions, which specializes in Drupal module development, module enhancement, troubleshooting, theme implementation, and more. The author is available via there for paid customizations and implementations of this module.

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsFlickr Batch Import By Shiny on the 13th of September, 2010

Imports entire flickr streams as nodes - can also save jpegs locally removing all dependence on Yahoo's Flickr service.
Relies on flickrrippr, and flickrapi.

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsWebRupee By abhisheknagar on the 12th of September, 2010

What is WebRupee?

Symbol for Indian currency was approved by the Union Cabinet on 15 July 2010. WebRupee is a web API for the symbol of Indian currency, it makes the rupee symbol available to everybody on the web.

WebRupee Module implements the WebRupee API to provide a simple, cross browser method for using the Rupee symbol on your Drupal Website

The Module can be used as an

1) JS Implementation
2) Input Filter

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsMedia: AmazonBy justafish on the 12th of September, 2010

The Media: S3 modules provides a plugin to Media that allows direct upload into an Amazon S3 bucket. It then allows insertion of the remote stream into fields and text areas via the Media Library and therefore can also be used with the WYSIWYG module

Buckets are configured on a per site basis and upload takes place without touching your servers, saving you the bandwidth. Uploads are then saved into the drupal file table using D7's new file/stream wrapper system..

This module requires you install the Services_Amazon_S3 PEAR library to provide an interface to S3 based on the 2006-03-01 REST API.

Future plans
- Allow items that have been uploaded to S3 to be configured via the Styles module to display via Amazon CloudFront CDN.
- Thumbnails generated from uploaded images to be pushed back to S3
- Videos uploaded to S3 can be encoded by Panda and optionally streamed via CloudFront

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsCCK Field Rename By on the 12th of September, 2010

Used for rename a CCK field.

Use this module for development site only!

This module only rename the CCK field itself, mean any used fields by other modules (i.e. Views) will broken, you must manually repair/redeclare any renamed field on your Views. Not working for multigroup Tested on MySQL but uses Drupal DB API for compability. For other databases please report your test result. Tested on field types: Decimal (convert to decimal(10,2)), File, Float, Integer, Text

Sponsor: Kreasindo, KotaKomputer

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsDialog NodeBy lelizondo on the 12th of September, 2010

Dialog Node is a very simple module that allows you to load a node in a Dialog Window. You'll need to install first Dialog API

The syntax is very easy:

Open Node 3552 in "full" Mode
Open Node 3552 in "simple" Mode

This is a very simple module that it won't go further, take it as some kind of utility or even as an example module. If you want to do something fancy, you can do so by reading the source code and creating your own module, is very easy. It does not support url aliases.


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