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Модуль: Stylesheets by Path

Stylesheets by Path provides a mechanism to define stylesheets to be loaded when a specified path or alias is triggered.
The module is intended to be used by theme developers because it operates with the theme's .info file.
It provides a new property: path-stylesheets, example:

path-stylesheets[path][media][] = path/to/css/file/to/load/when/the/path/is/triggered

The module doesn't provide any configuration interface, which means it works immediately after enabling it.

I used to trigger the stylesheets. This function (with a little more work) will bring greater flexibility in the choice of the trigger.

path-stylesheets[node,^node*edit][media][] = path/to/css/file

The above rule will insert the CSS file in all node and node/* pages but it will not include the file for node editing pages.

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsMeetup APIBy wizonesolutions on the 13th of September, 2010

NOTE: This module is intended for developers who know how to write PHP code.

I am not aware of any modules that actually implement this yet, but if you create one, let me know, and I will add it to this page!

The Meetup API module provides an easy-to-use Drupal wrapper for the PHP Meetup API Client. See the README.txt file for more information.


Stable versions of:

Libraries API cURL PHP Meetup API Client (see README.txt) Limitations

Only API read methods are supported right now. Contributions are welcome.


As per the above, the first thing to do is to get the Write methods going.


Please use the issue queue for support and check if your issue is there prior to posting a new one.


This module was sponsored by WizOne Solutions, which specializes in Drupal module development, module enhancement, troubleshooting, theme implementation, and more. The author is available via there for paid customizations and implementations of this module.


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