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Модуль: Ubercart Favorite Order

This module lets users set up a favorite order for easy/quick re-ordering using Ubercart.

It is still under development. You are welcome to test and submit comments/suggestions/patches.

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsCMS CDNBy mdorman on the 16th of September, 2010

This module allows for multiple site owners to utilize a single shared domain and CDN for all core JavaScript and CSS files. By serving these shared files from a single domain your end users will gain significant caching as they go from one Drupal site to another.

As an example, rather than serving the /misc/jquery.js file from your local server, or even a private CDN domain after installing this module you're file will be served from:

Other core files, that are specific to Drupal will be available based on your version of Drupal which is determined by the module. For example the /misc/drupal.js file will now be served here if you were using version 6.17:

This module is meant for moderate traffic sites, with no more than 1,000 pageviews per day. If you would like to use the module on higher traffic sites please contact the module maintainer.

This module is not a replacement for the module, however can work along side that one if you feel it is necessary.

Tag Sell It is a site the module maintainer runs, and is actively using the module.

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsEvent BookingsBy developer-x on the 15th of September, 2010

Event Bookings integrates the Bookings API function with a date enabled node - aka "Event". Specifically, this module provides the following functionality:

Book resources directly from an Event - aka date enabled Nodes. Allow either multiple or exclusive booking of resources. Extends Views to allow joins of an "Event" with a booked resource Provide "out of the box" calendar views of bookable resources Provide ajax functionality that refreshes available resources when date values change on an Event edit page Provide links to conflicting events. Provide security permissions to allow/restrict users from booking resources. Define Event Content Type to be an availability or booking. Specifiy whether pending bookings show as conflicts If you have rights, you can set the status of a booking from a Node edit screen New views to show availabilities and booked resources for an event. Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsComment PublishBy elliotttf on the 15th of September, 2010

This module allows users to (un)publish comments on their own content.

If views is enabled a queue of comments that can be (un)published for a given node will be available at /node/$nid/comment_publish.

This module is similar to the User Comment module in that it allows users some administrative privileges over comments on their content. This module differs though in that it allows publishing as well as unpublishing of comments and does not provide an "administer comment" permission per content type.

Initial development of this module was sponsored by Direct2Care.


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