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Тема оформления: Opengrid Academica

Academica originally developed by the people of Proud themes for Wordpress and published on Smashing Magazine, was ported to Drupal using Opengrid as base theme.

The theme was developed for Educational and Non-Profit organizations, which I think, is a good niche for Drupal themes as there are not that large a variety of quality free themes in this high demand sector.

The main features of the theme were mostly reproduced using features that exists by default in the Opengrid base theme, but others were created specially for this case.

Main Features.

Front Page Slideshow:

Jquery Cycle plugin was use to achieve the slideshow, is a great plugin with several options for effects.

Images must be saved in the slideshow folder, that is placed inside the images folder of the theme, finally from the theme settings page is possible to configure:

Enabled or Disabled the slideshow box List which images to show Settings for the size of the slideshow box.

Main Navigation Dropdown:

This is activated by default in the theme. Remember to set as expandable the items of the main navigation from the menu settings page.


Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsMidnight By nomonstersinme on the 16th of September, 2010

Midnight is a new theme that is mainly geared towards blogging. It has a user information bubble available for nodes and comments where information displayed is dependent on permissions like access profiles, access comments, display post information, etc. It comes with the option for two sidebars or just one. Both are displayed to the right of the content. It provides a default user picture unless something else is provided. The navigation is a region. There is also a region within the node, and a region below the content above the footer for whatever you can think to put there.

This theme also utilizes the 2.x-dev version of the Skinr module. This is optional but recommended because of the features it makes available. Some of which are:

Hiding titles Sizing content Size and font familes Content alignment Floating image fields Different menu styles Different list styles Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsNeue Haas GroteskBy mortendk on the 15th of September, 2010

A theme with a lot of love for Helvetica

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsModernist - A minimal theme focused on typography. By pvasili on the 14th of September, 2010

The beautiful Modernist theme is a minimal theme focused on great typography.

Beautifully built yet transparent, it was designed with a focus on optimal typography in order to better showcase your content: text, images and video.

It is designed by Rodrigo Galindez and based on the design ideas of Jan Tschichold, Josef M?ller-Brockmann, Dieter Rams, and other modernists.

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsApertureBy bengtan on the 13th of September, 2010

Theme work in progress

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsGrunge By atelier on the 11th of September, 2010

Grunge is a fun and flexible Fusion-based theme outfitted with a sophisticated, artistic and professional design. Grunge is the Drupal port of an original GPL project from RocketTheme.

Fusion must be added to your themes folder and enabled before using Grunge. CSS customizations and overrides should be added to local.css to ensure a smooth upgrade path. You can rename local-sample.css found in the css folder to activate this file. It is also highly recommended that you install the Skinr module, as well. This will provide for simple block and region customizations.

Drupal port provided by Sandian Studio.


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