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Модуль: Linked Data

This is an integration module for bringing Linked Open Data into a Drupal site. It provides a basic facility to create Linked Data queries and provides a variety of ways to theme the results of those queries. What this means is that now you can dynamically include curated content from sites like DBpedia, Freebase,,, CrunchBase, GeoNames, MusicBrainz, BBC Programmes and Music (to name a few) into your site.

The module currently supports SPARQL and MQL queries. These queries can either be static for specific resources or allow for variable substitution to create dynamic queries. It is also integrates with CTools Export UI so it can provide exportable queries.

This project is sponsored by Phase2 Technology

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsUbercart 2 Electronic Waste Recycling Fee supportBy kecinzer on the 17th of September, 2010

This module providing support for electronic waste recycle fee, that is require in some countries like Czech Republic. Adding Recycling Fee to each product node. You can set how recycling fee appears on products in settings page. There are two choices - display fees separately or included in price. On cart and checkout are fees displayed always separately as special item. So you can see recycling fees on invoices.

Module cooperating with my another UC project - Ubercart 2 DPH support. If you have this module, DPH will be calculated in recycling fees too.

Ubercart 6.x-2.4 and newer is required.

Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsBango Mobile MetricsBy twom on the 17th of September, 2010 is a service to add Mobile Analytics to your website.

The analtyics are based on insertion of an image.

This module provides the following functionality:

Insertion of the Bango tracking images on all pages (tracking URL and title) Role based enabling/disabling of tracking Campaign tracking when caching is disabled Find out more · Bugs and feature requestsMedia: Vimeo By aaron on the 17th of September, 2010

This module adds support for videos by the Vimeo provider to Embedded Media Field (version 6.x-2.x-dev and later). To use, simply install this module, along with Embedded Video Field (included with Embedded Media Field), and Content Construction Kit. You can then add 3rd Party Video fields and set any desired options at /admin/settings/media_vimeo. Then your editors can simply paste the desired Vimeo URL in the field, and the video will be displayed, using HTML5 when supported, nonetheless!


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